Gtx 1080 Stable Overclock

Gtx 1080 Stable Overclock

Compute workloads is a special story, as they tend to attract extra energy, but yield a lower stable load frequency. At first, I felt like +200MHz core and +400MHz reminiscence was stable, as all tests I ran on these settings proved hassle-free. Those settings even managed to permit Metro Last Light Redux‘s timedemo to run at 3440×1440 / Very High 25 times over with none variation within the framerate. Imagine my shock, then, when a day later, those OhGodAnETHlargementPill-r2 download same settings cut the efficiency benefit in half. While a locked 60 is sweet in games, it might all the time be better. The greater your screen refresh rate, the smoother the motion onscreen. And fortunately, aggressive titles usually run one of the best, which means they’re the more than likely to actually run at 100+ FPS.

GTX 1080 overclocking

Since the introduction of Auto-Extreme know-how, reliability has improved by 30%. This new manufacturing process can be environmentally friendly, eliminating harsh chemicals and decreasing power consumption by 50%. ARMOR graphics playing cards are perfect for players and case modders who’re in search of one thing completely different. On NVIDIA playing cards with Boost, the values mentioned are the best noticed increase clock after overclocking. While overall the characteristic was welcome, I really feel the NVIDIA OC Scanner exhibits how auto overclocking ought to work.

Gtx 1080 Stable Overclock

However, every so often you can set the clocks higher than steady and not crash right away due to how the card already handles the enhance function. For the GPU core overclock, it will be a really similar process because the reminiscence.

  • We are observing a considerable enhance in performance, GTX 1080 has 152/161/161% of GTX TITAN X stock performance in FireStrike Performance/Extreme and Ultra respectively.
  • According to the leaker GTX 1080 was running at 2114 MHz clock, which is roughly 381 MHz more than stock 1733 MHz boost clock.
  • This is the first time new Pascal GP104-primarily based graphics cards shows its true potential.


Gtx 1080 Overclocking Guide

Before getting too far along, after opening MSI Afterburner make certain to set an aggressive fan profile and proceed with setting the Power Limit and Temperature Limit to the utmost. This won’t hurt the card, as it is just extending the already cautious limitations that NVIDIA has carried out. For the voltage management, even though the limit is 1.093v, it can nonetheless have an effect on a higher overclock. I counsel leaving it at defaults and once you have your ultimate overclocking numbers, see if that further voltage helps. Some users have reported an actual decrease in efficiency and overclock with high voltage, while others mentioned it made that last few MHz stable.